Ten years ago I found myself at a woodwork auction ready to bid on a bundle of picture frames my wife was interested in. Recognising another bidder as my former woodwork teacher, I removed myself in respect from bidding and had a look around the auction instead.

An assembly of woodwork machinery drew me into a conversation with one of the operators.

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With my interest piqued and new possibilities forming, I purchased some machinery and offered the operator a position to start working with me the next day. The following week we designed and produced the first piece of furniture for my wife – since she never got the frames she had her eyes on.

As the demand for more customized, solid wood furniture rose among family and friends, we looked to our growing team for inspiration in naming our new business. Thus the Shona term, “NAKA”, meaning beautiful, found its home with us.

Naka /naka/

noun , class(1a) adjective synonyms: feya, nani, nhaka

English translation; beautiful

Full of beauty ; possessing qualities that delight the senses, especially the eye or the ear, or awaken admiration or approval in the mind. Naka is a generic word for that which is pleasant to the senses.

Since then NAKA continues to flourish and create unique modern designs.

The Team

Back: Admund, Charles, Edson, Thomas
Front: Michelle, Tendai