At NAKA, we are currently designing furniture for modern interior with recycled winebarrel oak. These 6000 litre wooden vats were imported to South Africa from Germany in 1974. The German Oak (Quercus Robar) is originally from the Dodauer Forest and after 46 years, it is bringing new life to home living. The wood remains unmarred throughout the years and contains no knots.

The outside wood itself is light in colour and provides a clean look, whereas the inside is stained with a red blush where the wine has been in contact.

Our mission with this project and many other is are to prevent the unnecessary removal of forestry and promote the use of recycled wood for the purpose of furniture creation.

Oak – a wood with history

The Oak, national tree of both England and Germany has many symbolic ties. Oak are known for being sturdy, powerful and timeless. This ideal lives on in one particular Oak in die Dodauer Forest of Germany, known as the Bridegroom’s Oak. The tree has assumed the role of the postbox for love letters and brings together many people every year.

It began when a disapproving forester forbid the marriage of his daughter to a chocolate manufacturer. The young lovers exchanged letters secretly, using a knot in the Oak tree as their keepers. The couple eventually celebrated their wedding, with her father’s approval on 2 June 1891.

The tree became so popular that in 1927 the German postal department assigned the tree to its own post code. The tree’s fame had spread so far and wide that it started receiving letters from all over the world. Over the decades, the tree has taken on the role of a matchmaker of sorts.

More than a hundred marriages have been reportedly brought about by the Bridegroom’s Oak.